​9th 9.45-11am @ Amanda's Action Club, Chiswick Town Hall W4 4JN

15th 10am-12pm @ St Michael's church SW18 5DS

17th 1-5.30pm @ Fresh Ground Summer Fair SW11 1EQ

21st 10-11.30am @ Bubble playgroup, Dundonald Congregational church SW19 3QR

Appointments available Mon-Fri during school hours and Saturday mornings

To get in touch please call Sam on 07881 823550 or email sam@ceceandme.co.uk

​​​CeCe & Me pop-up shops take place in a relaxed, informal environment, much like any play date, with parents and children enjoying the company of friends.  

Healthy feet

I am slightly obsessive about good foot care, our feet are after all vital to us achieving so many things. Looking after our children's feet during these formative years is an essential part of ensuring healthy feet and good posture throughout their lives. 

I have trained with the Society of Shoe Fitters and can offer help and advice about the right shoes for your child, so you can rest assured that your child's feet will be professionally measured and fitted with a pair of shoes that are appropriate for their stage of development.

​A correctly fitting pair of shoes will offer support and allow the feet to grow and develop naturally, leaving them free to run, jump and explore without impediment.

Why the name?

I have been asked this question many times, so if you have been wondering, it comes from the names of my two beautiful daughters, owners of the footprints to the right and who this whole venture has been about.  

​​​Relaxed parents & happy little feet

CeCe & Me is all about making shopping for your children's shoes a calm and enjoyable experience for all involved.  

My inspiration was born out of the many conversations I have had with other mums about our everyday irritations! One topic which has come up time and again is how much we dread the trip to buy shoes for our little ones.  Frustrations about long waiting times (while children pull shoes from the shelves), not being able to get the style you want in the size you need and not being confident that the shoes actually fit well, are all too common.