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15th 10am-12pm @ St Michael's church SW18 5DS

17th 1-5.30pm @ Fresh Ground Summer Fair SW11 1EQ

21st 10-11.30am @ Bubble playgroup, Dundonald Congregational church SW19 3QR

Appointments available Mon-Fri during school hours and Saturday mornings

To get in touch please call Sam on 07881 823550 or email sam@ceceandme.co.uk

​​​​​​​​Frequently asked questions

How often should I have my children's feet measured?

The rate at which children's feet grow varies significantly and often happens in spurts, therefore their feet should be measured regularly.  If your child is under 4 I would suggest having a fitting check every 6-8 weeks.  They will not need a new pair of shoes every time but it allows you can keep a track of how their feet are changing and how much growing room they have left.  As they get older children's feet do not grow as quickly, so a fitting check every 3-4 months should suffice.  If you are at all concerned about fit, just get it checked, there is no obligation to buy.

When should I buy my child their first pair of shoes?

The best thing for a child learning to walk is to be barefoot.  The soles of the feet are covered in nerve endings sending vital information to the brain about the ground and the surrounding environment.  Growing feet need plenty of freedom for the toes to be able to grip and spread, for the muscles to strengthen and for the bones to develop naturally. I would advise not buying shoes until your child has been walking for about 6 weeks. If during this time your child is outside or their feet need to be kept warm you can put them in soft sole shoes to protect their feet.  Early walker shoes should be light and flexible so as not to hinder the learning process and ease the transition into wearing more structured shoes.

​Why are the shoes I bought not the same size as the measuring gauge showed? 

Unfortunately there is no standardisation of shoe sizes.  Shoes made by different manufacturers, in different countries and from different materials will all fit the foot differently, therefore you can not assume that a shoe in a certain size will fit properly. An experienced shoe fitter uses the measuring gauge as a guide and can interpret how the measurements relate to the shoes they stock.

Is it ok to put my child in second hand shoes?

The simple answer is no.  Every foot is different and what works for one child may be completely the wrong fit for another. The insole of a shoe moulds to the foot of the wearer, therefore if another child puts it on, their foot will not sit naturally in the shoe, it will try to adapt to the imprint left by the previous owner, potentially affecting the way they walk and their posture. 

What is the returns policy?

Our returns policy does not affect your statutory rights.  A proof of purchase (receipt) must be returned with the goods.​ For further details please see the attached document: RETURNS POLICY 2015.doc

I run a playgroup and would like you to come and run a pop-up. Would you be interested?

Yes, absolutely! If the playgroup is in SW London please get in touch, either call me on 07881 823 550 or email me at sam@ceceandme.co.uk, and I will explain how it works. At the moment I am generally available Monday-Friday during school hours and Saturday mornings.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.