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How to measure feet at home

Blimey what a year it's been, we've all had to be pretty quick to adapt to change. While I would always recommend having children's feet measured and fitted each time they need new shoes, this has not been possible when restrictions are in place.

However, I can still help! One thing we can be sure of is little feet are not going to conveniently stop growing until restrictions are eased. I have made this video to explain how to measure their feet in centimetres at home.

As sizes vary quite considerably, using centimetre measurements is the most reliable way to compare sizing across different styles and brands.

If you think your little one might have outgrown their shoes, please send me their measurements and I will work out what size I think they should be wearing. If it looks like they need new shoes I will make some recommendations, arrange to bring a few options to try on your doorstep (in the Wandsworth / Wimbledon area) and talk you through how to check the fit.


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