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Preschool / casual shoes

Whether you're looking for prewalkers, suitable for cruising and the first few weeks of walking; first walkers, suitable from around six weeks of independent walking; or shoes for your confident little walker, there are lots of styles to choose from... shoes, boots, trainers, sandals, slippers...suitable for narrow, average or wide feet, from size EU18/UK2.5 to EU29/UK11.

Each brand fits the foot differently and it's only by seeing and feeling the different styles on the feet that we can tell which will offer the best fit.

We're here to answer any children's feet and footwear questions you may have, to help you make confident choices about what's right for your child's feet. Please get in touch by email, call on 07881 823550 or contact the CeCe & Me shoe fitter in your area: Locations


Choosing which styles to stock each season is one of the highlights of the year! There are many brilliant children's shoe brands, each offering something different in terms of fit, functionality and design. Our priority is always quality and the support the shoes provide developing feet. These are the brands that have past muster and form the current CeCe & Me collection.

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Suitable for cruising and the first six to eight weeks of independent walking. These shoes are very soft, lightweight and flexible, allowing the foot and ankle to move naturally, while offering protection. They all have a thin, water-proof sole to keep feet dry when the ground is wet, while still enabling the soles of the feet to feel the ground.

We stock prewalkers by Bobux, Froddo and Start-rite, with a few examples shown below.

First Walkers

Your little one will be ready to move to a more fitted and supportive shoe after around six weeks of independent walking. They will be walking by themselves all the time, be stable and confident on their feet, and starting to move more quickly, generating greater impact with each step. 

First walkers offer more support and have a slightly thicker sole, to absorb the impact of each step and offer greater protection, but they are still lightweight and flexible, allowing your little one to continue their explorations unimpeded.

We stock Bobux, Ricosta Pepino, Froddo, Camper and Geox for this stage of development, with a few examples shown below.

Confident Walkers

Your little one will be running, jumping, climbing, hopping and skipping before you know it and there are a whole variety of styles to support and protect their feet as they grow...wherever their adventures take them! Some of the styles in the previous section are also suitable at this stage.

We stock lots of styles by Bobux, Ricosta Pepino, Geox, Froddo and Zig & Star, suitable for this stage. A few examples are shown below

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