CeCe & Me is all about making shopping for your children's shoes a calm and enjoyable experience for all involved.

My name is Sam and I have two daughters (who are growing up too quickly!). When they were small I dreaded a trip to the shoe shop and, as it turned out, so did many of my friends! Frustrations about long waiting times (while your child pulls every pair of shoes from the shelves), limited choice in the size you need and not being confident that the shoes you have bought are a good fit, were all common complaints. So I decided there must be another way! 

I trained as a shoe fitter, learning all about the physiology of the foot and how this relates to the rest of the body, how the foot develops, how shoes are made and how to fit them. This knowledge forms the foundation of everything CeCe & Me is about and has been built upon with every fitting since I launched in 2015.

I have always understood the benefits of correctly fitted shoes and with each step of this journey my passion for promoting children's foot health has grown. I am always happy to answer any questions you might have about your children's feet and footwear, just get in touch!


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Elborough St, London SW18 5DS

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