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If you have any questions about your children's feet, foot health or development you may find the answers here on the blog, and if not, please get in touch and ask me, it may inspire me to write a new one!

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20 May 2019

Nothing compares to the moment you first hold your baby in your arms, the door to parenthood has swung wide open and the great unknown stretches beyond...so what now!? No qualifications, no instruction manual supplied and huge decisions to be made seemingly every day.

4 Dec 2018

Some customers come to me, totally confused, after being given three different measurements for their child's feet in three different shops. Frustrating as it is, just like clothes, there is no standardisation of shoe sizes. There are many factors that affect the size...

27 Sep 2018

I am frequently asked about passing shoes on to siblings or friends and whether this is ok, the simple answer is no ... these are some of the reasons why.

I completely understand the temptation ... children's shoes are expensive and they can grow out of them s...

30 Jul 2018

Children generally wear their school shoes for around 8 hours a day, that's 40 hours a week! These are formative years in so many ways and ensuring their school shoes are well-fitted will help to support the healthy development of their feet.

Unsurprisingly my...

21 Jun 2018

We are incredibly lucky to have such a wealth of talented, inspiring, motivated and creative people in the UK who have turned their passion into a business. Be they bakers, baristas, artists, brewers, children's entertainers, honey producers, shoemakers, videographers,...

17 May 2018

The sun is high in the sky, temperatures are rising and feet are beginning to feel a little hot, perhaps even a little sweaty! So what is the best footwear for little feet during the warmer months?

If it's safe to do so being barefoot is great for establishing good...

28 Apr 2018

"How long will these shoes last?" ... how I wish I had the answer! It is the most natural question to ask at a fitting but the truth is every child is different and there is no predicting how and when their feet will grow.

Some children's growth is slow and steady, whil...

29 Mar 2018

Those tentative, faltering first steps ... magical moments to be treasured forever! Thoughts naturally turn to protecting their precious little feet, however, there is no rush to put them in shoes.

Walking barefoot or in a pair of non-slip socks will allow your little o...

13 Oct 2017

I have talked for so long about writing the story of my journey with CeCe & Me, sharing all that I have learned about little feet and my commitment to make it easier to find well-designed, durable shoes that support the healthy development of your children's feet. And...

22 Sep 2016

I recorded this video about a year after starting CeCe & Me, to give an insight into how the business works. There have been a few twists and turns along the way and the business has evolved since this time but the basis ethos of the business remains the same, as does...

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28 Apr 2018

29 Mar 2018

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