Shoe fitting appointments

Fittings will continue to take place in our front garden in Southfields over the summer, under a gazebo if wet (British weather 🙄) 

Home visits can be inside or on the doorstep/in the garden, wherever you prefer. If booking a home visit please provide as much information as possible to ensure I bring a suitable selection of shoes, also include your full postcode and details of parking restrictions.

Now accepting bookings through to early September, it's advisable to book as soon as possible for school shoes fittings from mid-August onwards, it gets very busy! Please book a school shoe fitting for one child (20 minutes) and additional child fittings (10 minutes) as required.

During the school holidays (21 July-6 Sept) there will only be a limited number of home visits available, please contact me directly to arrange.

Email or call me on 07881 823550 if you have any questions