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Happy little feet
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CeCe & Me pop-up shop
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Does anyone enjoy shopping with children, particularly shoe shopping!?

I certainly didn't and this was my inspiration for CeCe & Me


A mobile kid's shoe shop...

a more convenient, less stressful way to shop for your children's shoes

My aim is to help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your little one, while they are relaxed and in a familiar environment having fun

Member of Society of Shoe Fitters and Children's Foot Health Register

Carefully selected range of shoes for preschoolers, from prewalker to size UK10/EU28, and school shoes in sizes UK7.5/EU25 to UK2.5/EU35

No obligation fitting checks

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Preschool range

Handpicked range of gorgeous little shoes, by brands dedicated to supporting the healthy development of children's feet, from prewalkers to children's size UK10/EU28

Ricosta school shoes

School shoe range

Shopping for school shoes can be as stressful as shopping for a toddler! Avoid the queues at back to school time, with our growing range of stylish and durable shoes in sizes UK7.5/EU25 to UK2.5/EU35

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Pop-up events

I bring my expertise to the places you go with your little ones - playgroups and cafes - so you can have their feet professionally measured and fitted, then quickly get back to the serious business of having fun!


Select the appointment option that works best for you and make finding the right shoes for your little one a relaxed and enjoyable experience!

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Elborough St, London SW18 5DS

Contact me:

07881 823550

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