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Back to the beginning ...

My first shoe collection (2015)

I have talked for so long about writing the story of my journey with CeCe & Me, sharing all that I have learned about little feet and my commitment to make it easier to find well-designed, durable shoes that support the healthy development of your children's feet. And here is the first step! Let's go back to the beginning, how the germ of an idea has taken me to where I am today.

Imagine the scene, a sleep deprived mother with a new baby and a toddler who just wants to play and enjoy some attention, sound familiar? On today's to do list, new shoes (not for mum obviously!), no children's shoe shop in the vicinity, a journey in the car - tears and tantrums before the trip has even begun!

At the shoe shop, feeling slightly fraught, waiting your turn while your little one rearranges the displays and praying the baby doesn't start to cry. You are not entirely convinced the measurement is right because your little darling didn't want to put her foot on the gauge and as it turns out they don't have any of the shoes you like in that size, but you buy the pair they offer just to get the hell out of the shop!

This was me and, as it turns out, many of you too! Each time I visited a shoe shop (and I tried quite a few, with varying results) my frustration grew, to the point I started to think about what I could do about it ... a few months later, after slightly more sleep, I signed up for the Society of Shoefitters training course and learned exactly why having well-fitted shoes as a child is so very important.

Over six months I learned so much about feet, the physiology of the body, how shoes are made and what to look out for - it felt amazing to put my brain to good use again and do something for me! Gradually a plan for the business began to unfold, always driven by the aim to provide easy access to shoe fitting expertise and a carefully selected range of high quality brands. Since launching in 2015, there have been many twists and turns along the way and the business continues to evolve, however, my focus has never waivered from the healthy development of children's feet.

I want to make shoe buying less complicated, less of a chore and a more enjoyable experience for all involved! I want to help people make informed choices about what is right for their little ones feet - just as I would have loved to feel more confident about having bought the right shoes for my daughters' precious little feet.

The Shoe Lady x

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