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Running, walking, climbing, exploring... we're here to keep your little one's feet healthy and happy.

Shoe shopping for little ones can be hard work.

CeCe & Me shoe fitters are on a mission to change this, popping up around the UK, tbring you a new, easy and relaxed way to shop for shoes for your little one.

Choose from a curated range from the best international children's footwear brands, including Bobux, Froddo, Ricosta, Zig + Star and more.

Visit your local fitter's page for more details.


Babies have very little actual bone in their feet!  When they're born, their feet are made up of soft, malleable cartilage.


Over time the cartilage hardens into the 26 bones of a mature foot. This process takes years, and their feet can be easily damaged during this time. 


This is why supporting healthy foot development in the early years is so important. 


Our shoe fitters have completed comprehensive foot health and shoe fitting training, accredited by the CPD.



How does it work?


We’re bringing an expert fitting service to communities across the country. We'll measure and fit your child’s feet properly, talk you through the options and answer your questions, so you can make a confident choice about what's right for your little one's feet.


Appointments can be at our place, your place, or you can visit one of our pop-up events at a playgroup or family-friendly cafe near you.


Each fitter works slightly differently, so check times and locations on your local page.

Brands we Stock

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Kids come in all shapes and sizes and so do their feet. Having properly fitted shoes suitable for their stage of development, will help support healthy growth, build strength and enable vital sensory information to reach the brain, preventing issues later in life.


Our blog is full of answers to many of the questions we're regularly asked, like when to buy your child's first pair of shoes, what are barefoot shoes and more.


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